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Software Test / Verification Engineer with 10 years experience in systems, performance, and load testing.  Background includes leading team in configuring new systems (Microsoft Clusters, Terminal Server, AIX HACMP, heterogeneous systems) and in researching their viability for customer applications.


Superior skills in Windows and Unix OS platforms, Internet technologies (TCP / IP, Web servers, application servers), Local and Wide Area Networking (LAN, WAN, including wireless-802.11b), remote access and software / IT verification and performance planning, executing, and reporting.


Proven ability to build and lead teams and to serve as liaison between multi-site teams when working on common projects.




·         Certified Tivoli TME 10 (Framework, T/EC, Distributed Monitoring, Software Distribution, Remote Control etc) on Windows Terminal Server running on Windows NT 4.0, Windows Cluster, AIX HACMP, HP-UX Service Guard

·         Lead the Certification project of getting Tivoli TME 10 (Framework, T/EC, Distributed Monitoring, Software Distribution, Remote Control etc) on various versions of Windows, OS/2 and various UNIX Operating Systems

·         Helped Clients with their Planning and Deployment of Tivoli

·         Developed Web based (with Java Servlets) system for creating a dependency matrix. The system would require the user to enter what versions of software, OS and DB was available and the system would respond what patches, if any, were required.

·         Developed system level stress test using Tcl, HTML, Perl and XML

·         Developed Load test using Load Runner, XML, Perl for testing Vignette V/5 under any platform.

·         Developed Palm based DB application to collect Data and sync to Windows Based application running against a MS SQL Database

·         Certified Vignette V/5 on Solaris and Oracle running in Spanish

·         Lead the effort of getting Vignette V/5 certified on a heterogeneous environment (Oracle DB, CMS, live CDS and Web Servers on Solaris and development CDS and Web Servers on Windows).





- Systems management (Tivoli TME 10)

- Cluster systems (HACMP-AIX, Service Guard-HP-UX and Microsoft Cluster)

- DB Servers (Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL)

- Remote Resource Access (Citrix Win/Meta Frame, Microsoft Terminal Server, Secure Shell, Telnet-Pragma Systems iNetd)

- Content management (Vignette Story Server, V/5)

- Web servers (Apache, Netscape, IIS)

- Application servers (Web Sphere, Web Logic, Web Objects, Tomcat)

- Source code control (CMVC, CVS, Perforce)

- Bug tracking/reporting (Swift, CMVC, Viper, Mohawk)

- Network (Ethernet, Wireless-802.11b, TCP/IP-Unix and Windows)

- Automated Testing Tools (Mercury Interactive-Load Runner, Win Runner, Test Director, Segue-Silk)

- C/C++, Java, Perl, XML, Shell Script





Cognitive Video Technologies, Inc, Austin, Texas 12/04 - 01/08

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Sun Microsystems, Austin, Texas 02/03 - 12/04

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o        Oracle DB

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Intrnauts, Austin, Texas 03/02-02/03

o        Train Clients on Tivoli Framework (v3.7) and Tivoli related applications (, Storage Manager, Software Distribution and Inventory) on AIX, Solaris and Windows 2000 and Oracle, DB2 and MS SQL.

o        Design the deployment of Vignette Content Management Environment on Solaris and Windows 2000 with Oracle DB

o        Train Verification group(s) on creating Verification Platform/Framework and Regression Suite.

o        Design and Implement a Digital Video Recording Lab to create DVDs from Home Videos.



Medical Present Value, Austin, Texas 01/01-03/02

o        Designed and developed test suites using Winrunner to test Phynance, product used by medical offices and the internal applications for bug tracking.

o        Built Phynance on Windows to be used for demonstrations by the Sales and Marketing Group. 

o        Deployed patches on the production systems; coordinated database updates.

o        Collaborated with Development Group in product definition and design.



Vignette, Austin, Texas

o        Designed, developed, and deployed system-level test suite and performance and load tests for major components of the platform product.

o        As member of the SWAT Team, responsible for testing and releasing patches and quick fixes that Vignette supported on 3 different code lines.

o        Lead the verification of V/5 ported onto AIX and DB2 (by a contracting company, PSW/Concero).

o        Designed, developed and implemented test cases in Perl, XML, HTML, Tcl

o        Lead the effort to build an offshore QA team for certifying Vignette’s e-business platform on heterogeneous platforms (mix of Unix platforms, mix of Unix and Windows platforms, etc.) and other unusual platforms not covered by regular regression testing. As part of this effort, had to design a bootcamp training session and train 20 engineers at a time on the Vignette product, the test tools the test suites.



Tivoli Systems, Austin, Texas

o        Lead team of 8+ engineers tasked with certifying Tivoli’s TME 10 and other applications on new versions and releases of different operating systems, hardware, and databases supported by Tivoli. 

o        Designed, developed and implemented test cases in Shell, Perl, XML

o        Evaluated new environments (Windows terminal server, MS Cluster services, HP service guard, AIX high availability).

o        Trained internal & external groups, gave demonstrations, and held TOI sessions on the new environments once they were found to be feasible.



Schlumberger, Austin, Texas

o        Test/Verify Schlumberger’s Geological Surveying Software GeoFrameWellsite using Silk.

o        Administrator the Bug Tracking Software Database running on SyBase.


Systems Administrator, DCE Training Lab

IBM, Austin, Texas

o        Oversee a lab of over 20 PCs running OS/2, 4 AIX and 2 Sun Machines

o        Create a CID enabled process to simultaneously install (unattended) OS/2 WARP, TCP/IP and MPTS, IBM C Set/2 and DCE for OS/2 2.1 on a network system of over 20 generic Hardware configuration PCs.




Undergraduate courses, Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin


            Undergraduate courses, electrical engineering at Florida Institute of Technology