Manzoorul Hassan

I'm sure you're all very, very interested to know all about me so here goes. I spent my childhood and teenage (and even the ealry 20s) in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then I moved to the United States. Starting with Melbourne, Florida, where I was a student at Florida Institute of Technology, and later ending up in Austin, Texas. Both wonderful places, but Austin just a little better.

I'm sure you'd all agree, a good way to know a person is to find out about his interests. Mine are wide and always changing. I'll try to list some of them here.

I play tennis but love to watch most any sports.
Some of the groups/singers/musicians/composers I like (over others) and collect are Dire Straits, Kenny Rogers, Yanni, Mozart. I do like the more recent Pop groups emerging from Bangladesh too. You can also checkout my CD Collection .
Sitcoms are my first choice, which also includes the British Comedies shown on PBS. My all time favoirite is probably Cheers and Seinfeld. Also I like NBC tuesday/thursday routine that include Wings, Mad About You, Frasier, Friends
Next to sitcoms I like StarTrek , that includes The Next Genaration, Deep Space Nine and Voyager .
Dustin Hoffman and Meryll Streep are the best. Rain Man, Sophie's Choice, Kramer vs Kramer, The Trap, Of Human Bondage are a few of the best movies of all time, I think. Of course you may come back next week and find that I've changed this list. I've decided to start a DVD collection of the movies that I really have liked and would like to watch from time to time later on in the future.
Arts & Literature
The ability to write, paint, act in a way that makes others want to read whatyou write, watch [with amazement] what you paint/draw/sketch, hear what you sing is one of the most precious gift one could possibly be born with
I myself am not a very good cook but I love to eat, Bangladeshi food being my favorite. Next to Bangladeshi food I like Oriental, American and TexMex but am not too crazy about Italian, though I'm always willing to give any new item a try. I do collect recipes and have got a little collection, which I'll later organize and put in here. For now you're welcome to try some of the other recipe collection people have already put out.
I love cars and love to drive them even more. I bought my first new car about a year ago. It is a Nissan Maxima. But I also still have my '85/'86 Mazda 323 that's already got over 190k on it. Of course I have put the last 100k+ on it since September '96.
For those of you who are interested in investing your money, this Invest web page is perfect. Also you may want to visit the Financenet web page.
I can probably spend more time on a Computer than most people I know. Specially if it is connected to the internet.
You can also check my Bookmark to see my interestes. Of course, I have way too many sites that I like, and that is why I started maintaining a more comprehensive list of sites

BTW, if you are interested, you are welcome to checkout my Resume. This is not really very up-to-date, but this is the best I've got :o(

Also, I have some projects that you might be interested in. These are kind of my hobbies. You can also checkout some of my thoughts.