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Manzoorul Hassan's Web Site

Welcome to Manzoorul Hassan's home page. I'm trying to provide all the links to pages that involve things that are of my own interest. If I had the time/resources I probably would have made a page or two on any of the pages myself. But since I don't and the Web Technology is here, why pass the opportunity.

I'm trying to set this page so as to be able to provide you all with some information on things that interest me (naturally). They are,

Austin, Bangladesh, Computers, Employment/Career, Financial, Recreation.

I'm going to include HotNews in here in the future (maybe), but at this time you can check out my thoughts and opinions. And if you're bored looking at my dull page here are some really cool pages.

OK, so if you don't like my interests, you can e-mail me your's and I'll try to find and add their links. Now am I a nice guy or what ?

Here are a few other links to me in the online world:

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